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Christy Canterbury MW

In this interview Georgi MIhov meets you with Christy Canterbury MW - Wine Journalist, speaker and wine judge.

How did you get into wine? Is there something that has provoked/motivated you?

I embarked on my adventure in the wine world after being “hazed” for five years in the finance world. I was tired of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around people I mostly didn’t find that fascinating. I did, however, love the work – especially the ideas surrounding how to create and expand successful businesses.

Granted, I work an awful lot now – especially as I work for myself, but I’m surrounded by people I enjoy (surely at least 98% of the time!) who work very hard in a fascinating and inspiring industry that’s all about the juxtaposition of risk, reward, travel, art, flavor and lifestyle.

Is there any particular person that has been your inspiration?

I can’t point to one person, so here are a few:

  • Tim Atkin MW is a brilliant wine writer, and I aspire to write as compellingly as he does every time his words are in print.
  • Jancis Robinson MW is amazingly prolific. I don’t know how she cranks out as much as she does! Also, I’m in awe of anyone who can produce so many critically useful reference books. That seems like a tedious task.
  • Jean-Michel Valette MW is an astute business person with quick wit and an amazing graciousness to connect people within the wine industry. He was very kind to me early on when I was looking to expand my wine horizons, and I try to help others in the same way today.
  • Then there are the winemakers who make the wines that make me swoon. There are so many! Just a few of the better-known names among my favorites are Maria Theresa Mascarello, Bruno Giacosa, Jean-Marie Fourrier, Dominique Lafon, Hannes Hirsch, Emmerich Knoll, Pierre Peters and Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon (for Roederer). Some of the less-well-known names include Alix de Montille (for her whites), Dan Petroski (for his own project, Massican), Kelley Fox (especially for her own label Pinot Noirs) and Blair Walter.

    Do you have favourite grape variety and why?

    As you might guess from some of my mentions above, it’s Pinot Noir. I love Pinot Noir’s transparency for its terroir, its multi-layered fragrances in its best expressions, its age-ability, its diversity. Plus, it’s pretty cool that Pinot Noir can make red wine, white wine, rosé wine and sparkling wine. It’s my desert island grape.

    But, if I could also choose a white grape, I’d take Grüner Veltliner. It also has great diversity, and an age-ability that is largely unrecognized.

    What are your expectations regarding wine trends in next 1-2 years in Bulgaria?

    I look for continually improving quality and hopefully a bit more restraint in new oak use and fruit ripeness accompanied by overly-high alcohol levels.

    Where do you see “Bulgarian wine” in next 10 years on the world wine map?

    I hope Bulgaria’s indigenous varieties will be further explored. While there are many lovely wines made with international varieties, it’s the indigenous grapes that can offer the world tastes that no one else can.

    If you have to recommend just 1 Bulgarian winery, which would that be and why?

    Eduoardo Miroglio for its amazing sparkling wines. I am blown away every time by their complexity and brilliant, pinpoint perfect balance. I’d drink them in place of Champagne any time.

    What is your everyday wine?

    I drink a lot of different things. It’s kind of like my workouts at the gym: I mix things up so I don’t get bored. Mostly though, I drink Old World wines. I love minerality and restraint.

    What is your dream wine no matter country that you want to try?

    I honestly don’t have one in particular. I’m lucky to get to taste lots of amazing wines from all over the world.

    Describe „Bulgarian wine" using only 3 words

    This is a tough one, but here is a broad brush-stroke, even though it naturally doesn’t apply to every wine:



    Ambitiously oaky


    Christy Canterbury MW is a Manhattan-based journalist, speaker and judge. Short-listed for the 2014 Louis Roederer Online Wine Communicator of the Year Award, she writes for Decanter,, Wine Enthusiast Online, Snooth and Beverage Media (among others.) She has contributed to three books, including the GOURMAND AWARD - winning Rock and Vine. A shopping fanatic, Christy previously bought wine, beer and booze across the US for Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group and around the globe for Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.